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ExoBlock Inc. specializes in MaaS - Mining-as-a-Service - and offers efficient and cost-effective turnkey hosting solutions for your cryptocurrency miners in Montreal, Canada.


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About Us

ExoBlock Inc. is a blockchain mining company that owns and operates a 2.5MW data center in Montreal, Canada. We aim to fuel and empower the decentralized monetary system while generating revenue through streams that include self-mining, miner colocation and miner hardware sales.

At ExoBlock, we strive to render the most professional, energy-efficient and cost-effective approach to cryptocurrency mining.

Flexible Contracts

No Hidden Fees

Transparent Approach

Impeccable Uptime

Outstanding Service

Customize Your Own Hosting Plan

We offer a wide array of flexible contracts. Whether you are looking for a long term, short term or a month-to-month contract, we can work something out for you. We also offer wholesale hosting contracts (1MW+) at extremely competitive and unique prices.

Why Us?

Low Installation Fees

Ability to Support Your Growth

Security System with Central

Free Maintenance

Redundant Internet

CCTV Monitoring

Rapid Deployment Speeds

Efficient Cooling Systems

Crypto & Bitcoin Miner Hosting Plans

Please be advised that all prices are applicable to the 14.975% (GST/QST) sales tax in Quebec.

CAD 80 / kW-month

1 - 30 kW

  • Free Set-up and Installation
  • Support Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
  • No insurance coverage
  • Free Reboots & Maintenance
  • 1 Month Deposit Required
CAD 75 / kW-month

31 - 60 kW

  • Free Set-up and Installation
  • 24/7 Support
  • No insurance coverage
  • Free Reboots & Maintenance
  • 1 Month Deposit Required
CAD 70 per kW-month

61 kW +

  • Free Set-up and Installation
  • 24/7 Support & VPN Access
  • 100% insurance coverage
  • Free Reboots & Maintenance
  • 1 Month Deposit Required

Want to reserve power immediately?

Get in touch ..

We currently have a lot of unreserved power in our data centers in Montreal, QC. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are extremely flexible and transparent in our approach.

Looking for a custom or a long-term wholesale (1MW+) hosting contract? Let us know your power requirements and we could certainly work out a special rate for you!

What Our Partners Say

Roozbeh Ebbadi

It has been an absolute pleasure working with ExoBlock Inc. Always punctual and the customer service is outstanding. Our customer experience was very professional and positive until the very end.

COO, HyperBlock

Sam Dennis

Working with ExoBlock Inc. has been a great experience. They rendered a hosting contract that perfectly fit our requirements. Very happy to be in business with them.

COO, Coinsquare Mining

Mauricio De Bartolomeo

We have been hosting our machines with ExoBlock Inc. since they were incorporated. Their uptime is great and we have never had any issues dealing with them. So far, things have been very smooth.

Co-founder, Ledn

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